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Betrayal by Harold Pinter!

Welcome to Bold Theatre

Bold Theatre is a nonprofit theatre group, 501c3, operating in an intimate 40 seat, creative arts space in Los Alamitos, that provides groundbreaking, thought-provoking, theatrical experiences and performances for its members.

Storytellers and performers of Bold Theatre are an ensemble-driven theatre collective that believes in the transformative power of live theater. We believe that everyone has a story to tell and we strive to provide the support and resources necessary to help tell them.

We produce powerful, socially-conscious, thought-provoking, plays and musicals for our members, that generates participation and dialogue between our diverse communities, while nurturing and supporting local artists and inspiring and empowering creative minds.

We create exciting theatrical experiences for our members  take artistic risks, and bring fresh, new artistic works to life on the stage.

Most of all, we are committed to making theatre that is Bold!

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Bold Theatre is proud to partner with Mid-World Players and RimoVision Group for the 2023 Season. 



Bold Theatre is proud to announce it’s strategic partnerships with Mid-World Players and RimoVision Group for the 2023 Season.

Mid-World, whose previous home was the Found Theatre in Long Beach, was displaced when their theatre was sold to developers so Bold’s artistic director reached out to them and an alliance was quickly formed.

RimoVision, helmed by Ray Hanna who wrote, directed and produced the original play The Awkward Tale Of Carrot And Those Who Art In Heaven, brings another original production to the Bold stage this year with Totally Rediculous, Absolutely Possible!

The addition of Mid-World’s productions and the new work by RimoVision, adds a more robust lineup to our season and ensures a new production every month for our patrons. In addition the partnership provides more opportunities for anyone who wants to get involved in storytelling through live theatre.

Bold Theatre is excited to see the productions that Mid-World Players and RimoVision Group bring to our stage and believe they will help us make a greater impact on our community.

For more information on Mid-World Players,

For more information on RimoVision Productions,

Bold Theatre’s revised COVID Policy – Updated January 24, 2023

Bold Theatre adheres to all county, state, federal and CDC guidelines on COVID 19.

In addition, Bold Theatre requires full vaccination for all staff, artists, and volunteers who work onsite.

Visit our Covid 19 page to view our Covid Safety Policy in Full

  • At this time Orange County does not mandate masks to be worn indoors however, masks will continue to be strongly recommended for all unvaccinated patrons.

Keeping Our People Safe

  • We have instituted a policy of requiring full vaccination for all staff, artists, and volunteers who work onsite at Bold Theatre.
  • A mandatory full-team review of our health and safety protocols will be held on the first day of in-person work for each of our shows.
  • Cleaning staff will disinfect high-touch areas on a rigorous schedule, and we will limit the number of surfaces any patron needs to contact (such as door handles).

If you have more questions or concerns feel free to contact us at

We look forward to welcoming you back soon! We understand that some of you may not feel comfortable returning just yet, but we hope to stay in touch and continue to monitor our events.

In the meantime, stay safe and be well.