Currently Casting

2023 Season Auditions

Sunday January 29, 2023

11:00 am – 2:00pm

Auditions will be in-person at the theatre.


All roles for all plays are currently available.

Actors may be cast in multiple shows

We are seeking diversity in these roles and are therefore open to any and all gender identities, ethnicities and physical characteristics.

Audition Date(s):

January 29, 2023

11:00 am – 2:00 pm

Callback Date(s):

January 31, 2023

7:40 pm

Rate of Pay / Contract:

$350 for run of show (increased if show is extended) + possible ticket revenue commission

Union Status: NON-UNION


Auditions will be in person at the theatre and will consist cold reads and/or chemistry tests.

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Show & Role Breakdowns

April 2023

Toyer by Gardner McKay

Toyer is about our vast ability to manipulate one another. About our wondrous gift for lying. It is about our awful power of charisma. It is about our capacity to believe any truth, as it suits  us. It is about our immediate power to forgive; our need to move on. It is about compromise, our willingness to sleep with our executioner.

Maude Christopher – 30 to 40- woman. Maude, is a psychoanalyst who lives alone high in the LA hills. Bright, athletic, clear-eyed, she looks at people, studies them. Definite, focused, alienated. Not easily resolved.

Peter Matson – 25 to 32 – man. Lithe. Strong, not muscular. Neither handsome nor ugly. Striking yet indistinct. An apparent innocent; easily written on, easily erased. A tabula raza.

May 2023

Murder Ballad – Book and Lyrics by Julia Jordan, Music by Juliana Nash

Murder Ballad is the dramatic story of a love triangle gone wrong, centering on Sara, an uptown girl who seems to have it all, but whose downtown past lingers enticingly and dangerously in front of her.

Narrator – Female – Age: 20 to 55 – The storyteller providing all the transitions between the various scenes and occasionally speaking for the characters themselves. Philosophical, poetic, and a little opinionated. Vocal range top: E5 – Vocal range bottom: F3

Sara – Female – Age: 30 to 40 – Once Tom’s lover, she is an ambitious starving artist and musician. Initially depressed and jaded towards men after a sordid relationship. Michael helps her find happiness again through their marriage. She ends up straying from the marriage. Vocal range top: E5 – Vocal range bottom: E3

Michael – Male – Age: 35 to 45 – A poetry PhD who Sara elicits and her eventual husband. Sweet and calming, he is willing to provide nothing but the best for those he loves. He shows how cold he can become when he finds out about Sarah’s affair. Vocal range top: A4 – Vocal range bottom: F#2

June 2023

Totally Ridiculous, Absolutely Possible! By Ray Hanna

An original play by Ray Hanna making its world premiere. This is a story about Mallory, a girl full of hope and optimism despite undeniable bad luck and the total collapse of everything she knows. She arrives at a Canadian refugee camp, looking for a better life after the collapse of the Republic of California amid climate change and political chaos. She meets an old man whom everybody thinks is crazy, except for her. When she thinks everything is going to be ok, dark forces take a hold of her for plans of their own. This satirical comedy touches on many of today’s important topics in a ridiculous way: and despite being totally ridiculous, it could be absolutely possible.

Mallory/Darnall Assrar: Female in mid-thirties. Any race.

Dewin: A 75 year old male. (Could be played by any age.)

Ned/Sam: A fit male in his late twenties or late thirties.

Narine: A female in her late thirties, early forties.

Jazabel: A female in her late thirties, early forties.

Guk: Male/Female/Non-Binary, the thirties or forties.

Darwish/Government Official: A male of any age.

July 2023

The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee – Music and Lyrics by William Finn, Book by Rachel Sheinkin

This charming musical comedy tells the tale of six middle school “misfits” in Putnam County, NY finding themselves through one of the most competitive and brave journeys adolescents can embark on – a Spelling Bee! This Tony Award-winning timeless and hilarious story about self-discovery proves that W-I-N-N-I-N-G (and losing) isn’t everything.

Chip Tolentino – MaleSpeller #21. Last Year’s champion of the Twenty-Fourth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, he returns to defend his title, but he finds puberty hitting at an inopportune moment. He is strong willed, competitive and ambitious. An athletic, social, boy scout, he returns to defend his title, but he finds puberty hitting at an inopportune moment.  Vocal Range: C3-B4 This role has some of the most difficult singing in the show and requires long sustained high notes. 

Logainne Schwartzandgrunierre (Schwartzy) – Female – Speller #1. Logainne is the youngest and most politically aware speller, often making comments about current political figures and her mature world views.  She has two overbearing gay dads who have turned her neurotic and self-conscious. She speaks with a lisp though has a real confidence about her at times.  Vocal Range: A3-F5

Leaf Coneybear –  Male or Female – Speller #17. As just the second runner-up in his district’s bee, he really shouldn’t be competing here.  He finds everything about the bee incredibly amusing. He is home-schooled and comes from a large family of former hippies. He makes his own clothes, is home schooled and lacks social skills. He’s strange but very sweet, loving and kindhearted but distracted. He has severe Attention Deficit Disorder and spells words correctly while in a trance.  This role allows a ton of personal interpretation and requires physical comedyVocal Range: A2-A4

William Barfee – Male – Speller #13. A Putnam County Spelling Bee finalist last year, he was eliminated because of an allergic reaction to peanuts and is back for vindication. He has no interest in making friends at the bee. His famous “Magic Foot” method of spelling has boosted him to spelling glory, even though he only has one working nostril and a touchy, bullying personality. He develops a crush on Olive. Vocal Range: E2-B4This role requires a strong character actor with impeccable comic timing and the ability to create his own character. He should have a strong character voice and be an above average dancer. 

Marcy Park – Female – Speller #7. Marcy is the most feared and practiced competitor in the bee. She made it all the way to ninth place in Nationals last year and is back to win again. She speaks six languages, is a member of all-American hockey, a championship rugby player, plays Chopin and Mozart on multiple instruments, sleeps only three hours a night, hides in the bathroom cabinet, and is getting very tired of always winning. She does not recognize her own lack of humor. She is incredibly intense. She is the poster child for the Over-Achieving Asian, and attends a Catholic school called “Our Lady of Intermittent Sorrows.” She is also not allowed to cry. Vocal Range: C4-E5 – We would prefer an actress with unique talents (i.e. playing piano, twirling batons, juggling, gymnastics) but are open to all interpretations. 


Cobra Effect by John J. Pistone

An original play making its world premiere. A homeless war veteran appears unannounced at his brothers vacation cabin in the woods with the intention of committing suicide on the fourth of July. Instead, he meets his brother’s adopted daughter, and they fall in love with each other. In addition to dealing with his sever PTSD he must also come to terms with his feelings for his step niece, and how not to destroy his relationship with his brother. This play asks the questions: Can you control who you fall in love with? What is taboo? Who decides what is acceptable between adults in the same family but not bound by blood?

Rocky – Male – age mid 30’s – mid 40’s – A military veteran with intense feeling of survivor’s guilt and struggles with PTSD. Self -medicates with alcohol. Has come to the end of his rope. Character deals with suicide, war, PTSD, anger, rage, betrayal, love and renewed hope. This is an intense, emotionally challenging role and will require a well-trained actor to handle the dialog and emotions. Would prefer a veteran but not a requirement. *No nudity but must be comfortable with kissing and being in bed with Jessica and Lilly on stage.*

Jessica – Female – age 28 – 32 – Mixed race – Rocky’s step niece. Extremely beautiful, shy, introvert, does not like the spotlight, very well read, intelligent, sensible, and balanced. Fighting with demons of her own and falls for Rocky. *No Nudity but must be comfortable with kissing and being in bed with Rocky on stage.*

Lilly– Female – age 21 – 24 – Rocky’s step niece and Jessica’s half-sister. Extremely outgoing, brash, very sexually explicit, often considered rude. Has always been compared to and jealous of Jessica. No Nudity but must be comfortable with kissing and being in bed with Rocky on stage. *No Nudity but must be comfortable with kissing and being in bed with Rocky on stage.*

Jen– Female – mid 30’s – mid 40’s – Married to Chuck, Rocky’s brother. Outgoing, vocal, strong willed, progressive thinker. Had Jessica when she was 15, married Chuck in her 20’s. Protective of daughters.

Chuck – Male – mid 30’s – mid 40’s –Rocky’s older brother. Loud, brash, outspoken. Complete opposite of Rocky in terms of personality. Tells lame dad jokes, always trying to find humor in situation. Slow to violence and anger. Loves his brother and struggles with the relationship between Rocky and Jessica.

September 2023

Between Friends by Jesse Seann Atkinson

An original play by Jesse Seann Atkinson, making its West Coast premiere, is a scathing portrayal of what happens when the innocence of youth is lost and the hard truths of reality come crashing down around six “friends” on the verge of adulthood. Never trust your friends, because when you do, you let your guard down.

JOSH (20-30)-College student in theatre. He is the storyteller of this piece. He is very ambitious but struggles with the fact that his friends may not be what they appear. *Must be comfortable with same sex kissing.*

DAVID (20-30) – College senior. He is the boyfriend to Josh. Wants to take the easy way out when it comes to relationships and life. *Must be comfortable with same sex kissing.*

JULIA (20-30)– A cheerful friend that has emotional attachment issues in all relationships.  Loves to talk trash behind everyone’s back. *Must be comfortable with same sex kissing.*

TRAVIS (20-30)– college freshman.  He is Josh’s ex-boyfriend who gets pushed to the side. Confused by what he wants and the attention he gets. Very flamboyant. *Must be comfortable with same sex kissing.*

DEBRA (20-30) college senior. She is very smart but also very manipulative. She is David’s ex, and is still stuck on him.

GINA (20-30) college freshman. She is Julia’s girlfriend, and the only one out of the group that is not a theatre major. The only one staying out of the drama. *Must be comfortable with same sex kissing.*

October 2023

Oscar Night by John J. Pistone

An original play making its world premiere. In this sequel to the play Shut Up. two couples who met during the pandemic are getting together for their annual Oscars watch party. Jo, Sam’s mysterious ex shows up unexpectedly to join the festivities. This is the night the “slap” happens at the awards show and emotions run high as they all discuss the social ramifications of the event and explore the boundaries of their relationships.  All roles in this production are “Non-Gender specific” and therefore may be played by any combination of men or women.

Sam – 24 to 35, all ethnicities male or female – Dreamer, Needy, Emotional, Not detail oriented, Optimistic, Passionate, “Absolutely going to work” attitude.

Chris – 24 to 35, all ethnicities male or female – Jewish, Cynic, Quick-witted, Mean spirited, Overworked, Sarcastic, Intolerant “That’s not going to work” attitude. *Must be comfortable kissing both same and/or opposite sex during show.*

Alex – 24 to, all ethnicities male or female – Buffoon, Antagonistic, Cavalier, Defiant, “I know” attitude. *Must be comfortable kissing both same and/or opposite sex during show.*

Kelly – 24 to 35, all ethnicities male or female – Neurotic, Anxious, Analytical, Aggressive, “I worry”, methodical, rational. *Must be comfortable kissing both same and/or opposite sex during show.*

Jo – 24 to 35, all ethnicities male or female, *must be mixed race* – Quick-witted, wild child, very open, hippie vibe, devil may care attitude, smart, very flirtatious. *Must be comfortable kissing both same and/or opposite sex during show.* 

November 2023

The Wild Party by Andrew Lippa

Adapted from a book-length poem written in and about the Roaring Twenties, The Wild Party tells the story of one wild evening in the Manhattan apartment shared by Queenie and Burrs, a vaudeville dancer and a vaudeville clown. In a relationship marked by vicious behavior and recklessness (mirroring the time in which they live), they decide to throw a party to end all parties. As the guests arrive, we meet an assortment of people living on the edge.

​Black – Male 25 to 35 – Strong, handsome, and poised without being posed. An enigmatic loner. Protective. No-nonsense kind of guy who cannot understand Queenie’s attraction to Burrs. African American. Vocal range top: G5 Vocal range bottom: F3 

Dolores – Female 30 to 45 – A partygoer pitching ideas and hoping to score with Sam. A wild woman of the night. Vocal range top: A5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Eddie – Male – 30 to 45 – Mae’s husband who is perhaps even more dim-witted than she is. A big oaf. Can be a lovable teddy bear but also a quick-tempered brute. Adores his wife. Vocal range top: A5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Kate – Female – Age: 20 to 30 – A lush. Likes to be the “life of the party.” Always looking out for number one, and is jealous of Queenie. Sexy, sensual, and confident. Vocal range top: E5 – Vocal range bottom: F3

Madelaine True – Female – 40 to 55 – A tired woman with even more tired eyes and a cruel mouth. An announced lesbian. Sexually hungry. Blunt and very dry. Vocal range top: E5 Vocal range bottom: A3

Mae – Female – 25 to 45 – Eddie’s wife. Sweet and beautiful, but not particularly bright. Adores her husband and dotes on him. Vocal range top: D5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Sam – Male 30 to 50 – Busy producer and “attention whore.” Trying to avoid the outrageous pitches made by Dolores, until it becomes sexual. Vocal range top: A5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Oscar D’armano – Male 25 to 35 – Phil’s brother and lover who dresses as his twin. A composer and an entertainer in every sense of the word. Very flamboyant. Vocal range top: B5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Phil D’armano – Male: 25 to 35 – Oscar’s brother and lover who dresses as his twin. A composer and an entertainer in every sense of the word. Very flamboyant.  Vocal range top: A5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Queenie – Female 20 to 30 – Blonde and beautiful. Sexy. Looks a little older and more tired than her age would indicate. Afraid of being alone. Has become addicted to Burrs’ presence and ravenous sexual appetite. Vocal range top: F5 – Vocal range bottom: F3

Nadine – Female 16 to 18 – The only minor at the party. Waifish and somewhat naïve. She is in over her head and trying to keep up. Vocal range top: A5 – Vocal range bottom: A3

Max – Male 25 to 35 – One of the party goers and a member of the usual “gang.” He is full of life and energy. Vocal range top: B5 – Vocal range bottom: A3